China Town Cha Cha

Genre: Family | Comedy | Action
Director: Jaturong Mokjok
Cast: Teeradetch Metawarayut, Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat, Nopdol Songsaeng, Chukiat Eiamsook, Katchathathep Iamsiri
Executive Producer: Phatchuda Phanphiphat
Assistant Executive Producer: Bannawat Phanphiphat
Feature Film: Thai | 120 minutes



A young girl goes back to the past to choose if she wants to change her family fortune.


Kie, a desperate young girl and her family is facing so many tragedies in life.

So, she turns to the spiritual and goes to pray at a shrine. A priest says that her family is facing a karma caused by her gangster (An Yi) ancestor.

Kie decides to perform a spiritual ritual, then finds herself back to the past in a man body, who is killed and now is back from his death because she takes his body. Kie meets with all the gang members including her own great grandfather, Khoong. Kie stays with Khoong and finds out so many things about him, and many incidents happen showing her other perspectives in her great grandfather’s life.

One day the police come to forces and fight with all the gangs. While her great grandfather is about to kill Caption John, Kie throws herself in front of Captain John. She tells Khoong not to kill Captain John because this may help changing their family fortune.

Kie is woke up by her father and finds out that her life is still the same. Only her great grandfather words remain to bring hope and keep her to look for the brighter side of her future.